Stand Out Photographic Forum


Amman Christian

He has the certain feeling to capture the perfect moment. Christian Ammann manages to captivated the viewers imagination with his fashion and beauty images and lets their focus dive into a cinematic beautiful new world. Christian meticulously plans his images. Christian was born in Switzerland but grew up in Ireland, this international influence is seen and reflected in his work. His teams, clients and location are scattered across the globe. He likes to mix his teams nationalities for extra creativity. Light, colours and locations are key elements of Christian’s Work.

For many years Christian has been photographing and directing for international fashion and beauty labels such as, Chanel, L’oreal, Max Factor, H&M Cartier, Editorials and protagonists from the show business such as Samuel L Jackson Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz, Robbie Williams und Kylie Minogue.

Andrea Belluso

Andrea Belluso is an Italian photographer based in London and in Stockholm where he has his studio. He started working in London in 1983 when he did his first job for Italian Condé Nast.Since then he has had Paris and Milan as home bases. Feeling at home both in the studio and on location his long list of international clients has made him travel all over the world on commissioned shoots. Andrea also works as film director, producer and editor with many broadcasted television hours worldwide. Andrea Belluso also holds lectures and seminars across the Globe and he is also known as “the Light Shaper” by the main photographic lighting company in the world Profoto because of his unique expertise in photographic lighting. Apart from his commercial work Andrea also publishes photographic art books and holds photographic art exhibitions.

Presentation: “The Light Shaper” – Paris, May 18th

Anton Klocker

From an early age on he was fascinated by photography. Nevertheless he completed, after his graduation, an apprenticeship as cabinet-maker, where he was particularly interested in the precised presentation of the respective objects. During this time he remained passionately devoted to photography. Therefore it was not surprising that he completed his second apprenticeship diploma in photography. He started with event photography (e.g. Apassionata or Swan Lake) but quickly evolved an artistic-creative craftsmanship for industrial & architectural photography. Among his customers are leading 4 & 5 star hotels as well as world-renowned car manufacturers like BMW or MINI, only to name a few. In the context of fine art photography his intention is to always create masterful & fine detailed high-quality pictures. He accomplishes this by using most modern digital technology and a sophisticated lightning-mix. His atmospheric images convey physical qualities like warmth, protection, security but also liveliness. He works primarily with medium format digital camera systems. Another central component of his work is travel photography. His spare time is dedicated to landscape photography with priority on lightning-moods he wants to capture & record in his pictures. He has won first prizes for numerous national & international contests and has taken part in a great number of exhibitions in Austria, Paris or London. The exhibits are mainly composings, his big, secret passion. The exhibition in the Forum highlights driving dynamic car pics, architectural pictures and landscapes spreading from the Alps to the Antarctic.

Presentation: “Insight into the daily life of a photographer” Vienna, May 4th

Bella Kotak

Bella Kotak is a fine art, fashion and portrait photographer based in Oxford and London, England. An art lover from a young age she always knew that she would work within the creative industry. Photography changed her life when she picked up a camera and began a 365 project on Flickr. From that moment she was hooked by this medium that translates thoughts and imagination into tangible form.

Inspired by fairytales, nature and strong feminine characters Bella’s pictures lift the veil of the overlooked and reminds us that there’s magic in the most ordinary of spaces.

Presentation: Toronto

Bill Cramer

Wonderful Machine CEO

Bill is founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, a production company with a network of 700 photographers around the world. After graduating from Penn State University in 1985, Bill spent the first few years of his career working as a photojournalist, covering Philadelphia for the Associated Press and The New York Times. He then spent many years shooting portraits for magazines like Forbes and Business Week, corporations like Comcast and Accenture, and institutions like Children’s Hospital and Drexel University. Most recently, he’s been developing a photography website aimed at consumers. Bill writes and speaks frequently on the subject of professional photography.

Presentation: “Entrepreneurship for Photographers” – London, April 27th and Stockholm, August 30th

Christian Lohfink

Der Fotograf Christian Lohfink ist spezialisiert auf die Bereiche Stilllife, Liquid und Food.

In seinem Hamburger Studio oder on Location entstehen Arbeiten für namhafte Kunden und Agenturen. Dabei lotet Christian immer wieder gerne Grenzen aus: sei es Dinge in die Luft zu sprengen oder einzufrieren und so in einem anderen, eigenen Licht zu präsentieren.

Liquids stellen im beruflichen Alltag von Christian immer wieder eine neue Herrausforderung da. Jeder neue Auftrag bedeutet auch ein dazulernen um noch präziser an Liquids arbeiten zu können.

Den gebürtigen Hildesheimer zog es nach seiner Ausbildung zum Fotografen nach Hamburg, wo er 1991 seinen freiberuflichen Weg begann.

Christophe Daguet

Christophe Daguet was born 1974 in Normandy. After graduating 1997 by the Paris School Of Photography, he shared during 15 years the life of well known photographers like Yann Arthus Bertrand, Guido Mocafico, Dingo as photo assistant, then since 2001 as digital operator and expert for digital photography. He manages since 2011 the Studio Digitalid, which works with photographers, artists, and brands (Martin Margiela, Veolia, Canal Plus,…) for their digital works from the conception to the finishing and the distribution of their images (training, retouching, prints). Daily user of Capture One since 2001, Christophe Daguet will contribute to this journey to present you the latests caracteristics of Capture One 9.03, after remaining the main features of Capture One it self and the way he used to integrate this software in his workflow. He will propose you to look at each step of the presentation the benefit of Capture One compared with photoshop and lightroom.

Presentation: “Capture One Pro Workflow” – Paris, May 18th

Fabienne Bédex

At the helm of the studio ‘Tirages-Exposition’ located at the edge of the sea, in Brittany, Fabienne Bédex has built her experience in the printing market from specialized medical and medical image processing to digital photo printing and printing.

An itinerary while imaging, while printing, based on a scientific and technical training leading him to an officer sometimes to builders (ex: Epson 2000-2006), sometimes to publishers (Fishermen of Images of 2006-2011) Then solo with a small team of specialists in the photo printing of the framing for exhibitions, gallery owners, personal collections.

Presentation: “Impressive!” – Paris, May 18th

Frederic Mercier

Frederic Mercier was very young when he discovered photography, which had been present in his family since two generations. He started fashion photography at the age of 16 years old and went freelance when he just turned 18. At just 25 years old, Frederic Mercier set up his first professional photo studio in Paris,
then he set photography aside to be able to grow a communications and productions company
which would now include all its activities under the name of ONE COLOR.

Evolving in the fashion world for a decade already, it is at 27 years old that he goes back to a much “couture” and “editorial” style, carving his shadows and working his lights with perfection.From that followed a collaboration with a fashion designer from the HERMÈS House, as well as a famous modelling agency. When this last series of photographs came out, it earned him a few days after to be contacted by the prestigious fashion house Christian Dior. It offered him several opportunities, such as collaborations with VOGUE, ELLE and GRAZIA, as well as on fashion shows where he did the portraits of celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Cardin, Olivia Palermo, Anna Wintour, Marion Cotillard, Mélanie Laurent. Other prestigious houses will follow, especially SHIATZY CHEN, but also brands of ready to wear and other editorials magazines.

At only 30 years old Frederic Mercier is on the A-list of advertising and fashion photography in Paris.
Following the requests of his clients in the field of advertising, he regularly shoulders the role of artistic director and film director. He will began to get involved in the writing and production of advertising film targeting feature film projects. Ambassador of the brands CANON CINEMA, PHASE ONE & PROFOTO, the quality of his work is propelled to its highest level.

Presentation: “Fashion Photography” – Paris, May 18th

Frederic Rol

Photographer, retoucher and trainer, Fred Rol worked for many years as a photographer in Asia and Europe in the press, advertising, communication, institutional. He collaborates as artistic director in the music industry. Wacom expert and Adobe Influencer, he participates in numerous trade shows and organizes workshops on the graphic chain: from shooting to retouching, calibration, workflow and hardware management.

Presentation: “The importance of retouching work in the graphic chain” – Paris, May 18th

Geoff Ang

Geoff Ang has a celebrated career as a fashion photographer and now a well-known regional commercial photographer as well as an ambassador for Leica and Profoto but not many knows that he started out as a still life photographer.

For a still life photographer, light is one the most crucial element as it is the only substance that brings life to an object. His lighting methods are exquisite and very refined.

As photographer and founder of Geoffstudio, Geoff sets a very high bar for himself in perfecting his craft and a standard that all our clients have come to appreciate and he clearly loves what he does and loves working with people who share his passion in creating great work and that’s our mantra – we create nothing but great work.

He is actively involved in creating workshops and photography seminars that require him to share his experiences with people who are interested in photography. One of which is 2.0, a one on one photographer for photographer mentorship where he helps photographers revamp themselves.

Presentation: " Idea creation, photographer psychology & color grading" – Beijing October 17th, Shanghai October 19th and Hong Kong October 21st

Helge Kirchberger

Helge Kirchberger has had an impressivve and vast photography career so far. His expertise spans from advertising and portraiture to Fashion and food photography. A mutliple award winner, Helge has expressed a big passion for food photography over recent times shooting several cook books.

Presentation: “Commercial Photography” – Vienna, May 4th

Jacek Voß

Jacek Voß Born in Rawicz, Poland Feb. 1977 he emigrated to the VW city Wolfsburg Germany. Even though he already experimented with his Nikon he underwent a classical IT education at Volkswagen. 2002 he met his wife to be and photographer Daniela.

He not only fell for her but for photography as well. they opened their studio 2005 after numerous successes at various photo contests they joined the bpp association (I high class portraiture association mainly but not only in the German speaking countries). Here they were nominated (and honoured) in the category „Portrait” (jacek) and „Creative People” (his wife, Daniela). They have specialized in portrait and wedding.

Presentation: “Is this art?” – Dusseldorf, June 1st

James Goodnight

From discovering one’s passion, learning the craft and then developing to a professional level. James will demonstrate how a simple school exercise as “ball, cube, cylinder” is crucial in developing the abilities to define shape through light and shadow and how it applies to automotive studio photography. He will also run through how the study of automotive design language translates into the rendering of shape through elaborate lighting setups in the studio. Concluding with a brief lighting setup along with shooting technique for compositing.

Presentation: ‘Shifting Gears – from passion to professional’, Beijing, October 17th

Jerry Hansas

Jerry Hansas is one of the founders of the creative retouch agency known as Retuscheriet. He has many years of experience in supporting photographers and other image creators and helping them enhancing their images.
Retuscheriet have a thorough understanding of the digital workflow that meets good practice requirements for high quality deliveries. They do everything from fine art printing and color management to high end retouching and advanced image manipulation.

They support photographers and other image creators to help enhance their images based on briefs and wishes. Placing great value on preserving the feeling and capturing the expression that embodies the vision of each photographer, as well as adding a creative spark to every project.

Presentation: “Creative Retouch Agency – Workflow Tips” – Stockholm, August 30th

Li Xin

Li Xin, Beijing Huachen Auctions Deputy General Manager, a member of Photography Industry Committee of China Photography Society. Established the photography department in the Huachen Auction House, she now runs the Chinese photography art work trading, which is the largest platform of its kind in the world. Over 10 thousand works have been successfully sold with a turnover of over RMB 100 million.

She has been the chief editor of over 20 photography art auction catalogue, including 10 Years: China Photography Art Work Auction and Collection (2016), Collection: 1850 – 2010 China Photography Art Work Collection Investment Guide (2013),  Photography of China by John D. Zumburn (2016) etc.

She assisted many international organisations to in the process of collecting Chinese Photography Art Work, including China National Museum, China Art Museum, Shanghai History Museum, Shanghai Library, IVAM——Insitute Valencia d’Art Modern, Les Recontresd’ Arles , Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, the GETTY Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, the Asia Society in New York etc. She has been selected as “the person of the year of Chinese photography” for many times.

Presentation: ‘The Value of the Art of Photography’ in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong

Martin Doersch

Martin is a software trainer, photographer and media designer. He works for companies like Wacom, Eizo and x-rite as representative and partner.

Additionally he shares his knowledge at the university of applied sciences St.Pölten with his students and as an exclusive trainer at LinkedIn Learning. There he recorded over 40 videotrainings.

Presentation: “Capture One Pro Workflows” – Vienna, May 4th

Matthias Langner

Matthias Langner is the founder of the CGIC (International CGI Congress/Expo/Network) and the evangelist when it comes to CGI. More than 15 years ago he came into contact with CGI as a photographer for the first time. In addition to hosting the CGIC, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018, he is a speaker, advises companies and develops innovative CGI solutions. A major focus of his work is the linking of people and technologies from the most diverse disciplines with the goal of a comprehensive new approach to the free use of 3D-technology.

Presentation: "CGI: The true Friend of real Photographers"

Mert Durumoglu

Mert Durumoglu has been a professional photographer since 1998, his career spans internationally receiving numerous awards and prizes across the globe. Mert specialises in automotive and portrait photography.

Presentation: “Combining CGI & digital photography” – Dusseldorf, June 1st

Miss Aniela

MISS ANIELA is a UK-based photographer team, globally producing and shooting art, advertising, and #SurrealFashion. Mixing art and fashion, Miss Aniela creates a fine balance of contemporary creativity. Her work centres on a fusion of traditional imagery and digitally enhanced motifs, interweaving in a surreal composition.

Miss Aniela has been exhibited by the Saatchi Gallery, Photo Vogue Milan, Prins Eugens Waldermarsudde Museum in Stockholm and the Houses of Parliament.

Miss Aniela has been featured by BBC, El Pais, Plastik Magazine, Yahoo and NY Arts.

Presentation: London, April 27th

Paolo Vaccariello

Paolo Vaccariello is a portrait and advertising photographer born 1978 in Chur Switzerland. He spent his childhood in eastern Switzerland, studying printing technology in St.Gallen. During his studies, he discovered the passion for photography, put together his portfolio, and began to work as a freelance photographer.

Presentation: Zurich, July 3rd

Pratik Naik

Pratik Naik is a high end retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work, represented by One Mega Management. His proficiency with retouching and Photoshop stems from 10 years of experience in the field. His work can be seen in magazines all over the world, ranging from Marie Claire, Elle, Zink and many more. Pratik is also a retouching mentor and instructor, teaching photographers and other retouchers across the world on a regular basis.

Presentation: Toronto

Robert Hoernig

An internationally renowned photographer specialising in breathtaking action, automotive & portrait photography, Robert has shot some of the industry’s most instantly recognisable imagery. From fast-action shots of famous athletes and the latest cars for Mercedes-Benz, to portraits of The Germany national football team and entire product collections for Swarovski, he has been featured in publications & exhibitions worldwide. Perhaps his most unique ability, however, is his capacity to shoot some of the worlds finest athletes in motion; truly capturing the essence of the fabled ‘moment’. From 100m sprinters and footballers, to discus throwers – Rob’s rare feel for perfect timing has allowed him to shoot some of his favourite pieces. He combines traditional photography with digital techniques, bringing a distinctively creative, relaxed & personable approach to his work.

Presentation:’Shooting World class Athletes’ Dusseldorf, June 1st

Stefan Kapfer

Stefan Kapfer is a fashion photographer specialised in beauty editorials and campaigns. His success in beauty and fashion photography is rooted in his background. Having started as an independent makeup artist in New York, Stefan developed a great eye for detail.

His professional career as a photographer has begun in 1998 with Cavita (Escada Group) campaign featuring Kelly Fischer. Stefan is based in Germany. In 2015 he was asked for a solution for e-commerce and pack shot shooting by a client.

Presentation: “The changes in e-commerce & digital photography” – Vienna, May 4th

Steve Richard

Steve Richard is an acclaimed artist known for his powerful fine art nudes and beautiful illusions. With over 40 years in the world of photography Steve’s work has been published internationally in books and magazines, and he has been featured in numerous journals, blogs, websites and galleries around the world. Steve has a strong personal style and a unique creative vision. His methods for creating beautiful world-class images in camera (without any post-production manipulation) are the results of years of experimentation and hard work.

Presentation: Miami

Tian Zheng

Tian Zheng, the Operations Director of Imagine China and Tuchong. She has worked for the Beijing News as the senior image editor for over eight years, therefore she has incredible insights of the value of visual contents in different fields, including both the professional original creation and business world. During the seminar, she will share her advice with photographers on making full use of the copyright of your works and make your fortune in this fast-moving and competitive industry.

Presentation: ‘Use Photo Gallery as your Bank’ in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Timo Lieber

Timo Lieber is a London-based photographer, best known for his distinctive take on our world from above. He gets inspired by the environment and the interplay of elements that form some of nature’s most incredible shapes and patterns. While many of Timo’s earlier works show the beauty of vast, untouched landscapes, his current work explores the human interaction with nature and the complexity of its impact. Through his photographs, Timo attempts to look beyond the obvious and invites the viewer to embark on a visual journey together.

Timo’s photographs have been published by The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNN, BBC, NASA and New Scientist, among many others. Timo is the 2013 winner of the International Pano Awards (Australia) and has received numerous further awards, including International Photography
Awards (US), National Geographic (US), PX3 Prix de la Photographie (France), Sony World Photography Awards (UK) and Global Arctic Awards (Russia). His latest solo show, THAW, was on display at Bonhams, London, in early 2017.

Presentation:”Photographing a Changing Landscape” – London, April 27th